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Technical knowledge and precise planning

Transparent façades with a high glass content and lean metal profiles have left a distinctive stamp on the modern language of architecture. Today, an exterior wall need no longer be plain: curved surfaces, transparent roof areas or slanted fronts are also possible. Our technical knowledge, drawing on experience and construction expertise, allows us to support architects during the planning of individual construction projects or special structures. We always keep construction physics aspects and solutions firmly in mind. The construction is thought through and configured in detail and with precision by our engineers; the more thoroughly the follow-on work is taken into account, the smoother the implementation.

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Customised construction

Depending on the project, different types of construction are on offer: from the classic curtain wall system and point-fixed glass system to innovative insulating glazing – we also realise individual special structures made from aluminium, to give an example, and renovations during active operations. To this end, well-qualified employees produce bespoke, assembly-ready elements in Kenzingen which are expertly put together on the building site by professional assemblers from the FREYLER team.

Are you planning a building project?

Are you planning a building project?

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