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Attractive, representative and functional

The retail trade is facing fierce competition from online shopping. Even major shopping centres have been forced to find ways to meet the challenge and create an enduring and positive shopping experience for their visitors. In addition to the offerings of specialist shops and the service they provide, the attractiveness and convenience of the building complex play a key role. Like all construction projects managed by FREYLER, retail buildings are planned in a highly bespoke manner. We develop a customised draft, working in close consultation with the principals. You benefit from our knowledge, the product of many years of experience, our technical expertise and sensitivity to the details.

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Spaces with character

We create distinctive shopping centres, exhibition spaces and car dealerships with a unique character. Places which people enjoy visiting, which look open and welcoming and which invite a return visit. In addition, our retail buildings don’t just look good, they also work perfectly – for clients, operators and retailers.

Inner values

It is important for operators to know that even at the planning stage, we take into account the subsequent economic operation of a building, which includes low maintenance and lifecycle costs. An integrated approach, many years of experience and technical knowledge form the basis on which we realise buildings that are sustainable in economic and ecological terms. We also look at options for flexible use, repurposing and possible expansion and bring together a whole host of different wishes and demands. We are a reliable partner when it comes to implementation and are ready to assist you all the way through to successful operation.

Detailed cost planning

FREYLER attaches great importance to detailed advance planning as this forms the basis for the reliable calculation of building costs and construction time. As an SME we are aware of the importance of adhering to budget and time constraints, which also includes the business management perspective. This is why we create all construction projects on time and within budget.


Einkaufszentrum Schweiz Hüntwangen

Einkaufszentrum Schweiz Hüntwangen

Are you planning a building project?

Are you planning a building project?

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