FREYLER Industrial Construction

Individual concepts and personal advice

For more than 50 years we have been realising all kinds of industrial and commercial construction projects - every single one is individually customised to the needs of our clients. Our projects have included real estate expansion within a narrow time frame while operations were ongoing, the intelligent conversion of existing buildings and the design of customised new buildings.

The planning is always based on detailed knowledge of processes, communication channels, specialist requirements and requests and future prospects. The Concept Day developed by FREYLER is a guarantor of success: it results in the creation of systemically efficient and economical buildings which maintain their value.

Personal advice is our strength – from the initial idea and location analysis to the perfectly customised building concept, the focus for us is on the human person. We realise turnkey execution as a partnership of equals in collaboration with our clients. Who particularly appreciate our individual support and all-in-one implementation. 

Future-proof and customised to the requirements of every industry

Whether a production plant, office complex or logistics warehouse: we implement the individually developed construction concept and ensure turnkey delivery. Thanks to detailed advance planning, we are able to define the construction cost reliably and draw up a realistic timetable. When you work with us, you will never lose sight of the timetable and cost schedule.

Are you looking for a glass façade as an attractive eye-catching feature? No problem - we will get FREYLER Metal Construction on board as innovative façade solution specialists. And FREYLER Steel Construction has proven its worth as a competent partner in matters to do with solid supporting structures.  

Examples of what we do

And what does that mean specifically?

And what does that mean specifically?

Put simply, we can design and realise the following for you:

  • Office and administrative buildings
  • Production buildings
  • Logistics buildings and warehouses
  • Showrooms, exhibitions, galleries
  • Child day care centres, sports and leisure centres
  • Health centre and homes for the elderly
  • Shopping centres and car dealerships
  • Multi-storey car parks
We build the very thing you are talking about.

We build the very thing you are talking about.

The best to start a project is through a Concept Day which is focused on finding out what you want – far away from your day-to-day business, with no firm view to any future implementation.

The Concept Day lays the foundation for a highly functional architecture. We discuss in detail what your day-to-day business is and how you do business, about small routines and big goals. Employees from all areas become part of the project: sales personnel, logistics and administrative staff, management – they are the best experts in their own area of work. 

Because building starts with listening.

The FREYLER concept is unique. Why not find out for yourself? 


    How to turn the wish into reality? 
    What is to be cast in stone needs to be thought through carefully – by strategists and makers alike. Working in an interdisciplinary team we establish what functions an ideal building would have for your company and its people. Your employees work with our specialists, such as architects and engineers, to lay the foundations for an individual concept for your project.


    Future-proof planning, building and working.
    The Concept Day results in a practical planning basis for a building which will remain viable well into the future because we employ a great deal of care even during this initial phase: The key data, experience and ideas collected are used by the FREYLER team to establish a building strategy which in turn allows architects and engineers to draw up specific plans. The Concept Day concludes with an outlook on what a visionary company building might look like. The transition to an architectural design and construction implementation is smooth.


    Planning certainty is a good feeling.
    We build for people, which is why we like to take the time to listen to their wishes. In-depth conversations and active collaboration from the initial idea right through to its implementation in construction not only help make the individual building happen as per the client’s requests, they also ensure adherence to time and budget constraints. If you take part in the development there won’t be any surprises.