Multi-storey car parks

Buildings for mobility concepts of today and tomorrow

In many places, not only in big cities, there is chronic shortage of parking. At the same time, mobility concepts are changing. We are meeting both these challenges through intelligent and individually customised parking space solutions. In the process, we combine economic and functional aspects with a consideration of user comfort and the aesthetics. Our customised and flexible concepts allow us to create high-quality multi-storey car parks – and at the same time, buildings that will last. Upon request we will support your building project from the initial idea through to its successful commissioning.

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A personal contact partner will be at your disposal during every stage of the project.

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Bespoke and stable in value

Your wishes and requirements form the basis of the detailed building concept. At the same time, we never lose sight of the future. Consequently, we also analyse expansion options, possibilities for flexible use or even subsequent repurposing. With many years of experience, technical knowledge and an eye for the details we develop cost-efficient solutions with a value that will remain stable and which integrate visually into the cityscape. During the construction phase you will be able to rely on a dedicated contact partner who takes care of everything.

Also keeping an eye on maintenance costs

In addition to the aesthetics and user friendliness we also look at the lifecycle and maintenance costs. We know how to ensure short construction times when building multi-storey car parks, and our high-quality execution ensures a long useful life and low maintenance costs.

Mobility concepts of tomorrow

The key concept here revolves around a maximum number of parking spaces and a smart traffic concept. Tomorrow’s multi-storey car park is prepared for the future only if it also caters for alternative mobility concepts such as e-mobility. Charging stations at parking spaces or facilities to install them at a future date are included in every viable building concept. For example, a photovoltaic system on the roof will round off the concept in a sustainable manner.

Are you planning a building project?

Are you planning a building project?

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